International College Program 2015 Recap

Hello world!

My name is Victoria and I am a certified Disney fanatic. I have gone to Disney World 19 times in my 23 years, and last year I had the amazing opportunity to participate in my first Disney International College Program! I was a Quick Service Food and Beverage Hostess at Rosie’s All-American Diner at Disney’s Hollywood. Working in fast food is a lot harder than it looks, let me tell you! At Rosie’s, we were also working at locations such as Catalina Eddies (Pizza), Fairfax Fare (Hot Dogs), Hollywood Scoops (Ice Cream), and Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner! I loved everyone I worked with at Sunset Boulevard, and we celebrated finishing off the summer by jumping in the pool with our costumes on!

I lived in the Commons Apartments at Disney Housing with three other Canadians: Erica, Laryssa, and Hailey! We had a blast and I miss them terribly. Although we had a few bug issues, it was home sweet home (and sweetly close to the Orlando Premium Outlets)!

One of my regrets last summer was not making a blog, so here is one for my second program! I will be posting updates, reviews, as well as other Disney thoughts, so I hope you enjoy!



Erica, Steph, and Lauren visiting me at work!





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