Hooray for Hollywood: A Tribute to the Great Movie Ride

Hooray for Hollywood, where you’re terrific if you’re even good. There is no ride more magical for me than The Great Movie Ride. I attribute this attraction for my passion for cinema, which grew so strong over the years that I pursued a career in Entertainment. My dream job growing up was to host the Great Movie Ride, a dream that unfortunately will come to a close this August.

While I am excited for this new Mickey Mouse attraction replacement, for me, the Great Movie Ride captured the essence of which Disney’s MGM Studios was created: a Hollywood that never was and always will be. The Great Movie ride perfectly embodied the spirit of cinematic culture, and inspired the young and old to rewatch or watch for the first time some of Hollywood’s most iconic films.

For me, one of the greatest parts of the Great Movie Ride was the montage of classic films shown during the queue. I remember as child asking a Cast Member if I could sit outside the queue and just watch the entire montage from beginning to end. The Cast Member let my family and I sit on the floor to the side, and my parents were welcoming of the break from the crowds and warm weather. They were perfectly content with letting me soak up these classic movie facts.

My only hope with the new Mickey Mouse attraction is that it keeps the spirit of classic Hollywood alive. I would love to see an attraction that brings guests into the history of Mickey Mouse, educating them on Walt’s legacy, all the while entertaining them with a state-of-the-art experience. I also hope that they will keep the attraction in the replica of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, but with the ban on selling photographs of it, I think this is unlikely.

I wish I could go down to Orlando to pay my respects before it closed, but they gave such a short notice that this won’t be possible. Thanks, Great Movie Ride, for allowing this girl to dream of a Hollywood in its prime, and allowing me to step into my favourite movies time and time again.


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