Hello again world!

Sorry for the lapse in communication. I didn’t bring my laptop on my last program and life has been crazy since!

I wanted to share the amazing experience I had doing my second international college program. I was offered a role in Operations and I gladly accepted! This year was extra exciting because my best friend of 18 years, Lisa, also was accepted to the program in a merchandise role! Her and I signed up as roommates and were placed in Vista Way with Erica (who I lived with the first time), Katie, Tara, and Chiquita, who were all from Canada!

Traditions class was amazing once again, and I was very excited to take my “Welcome to Attractions” course, because attractions was always my top choice!  When I got to the classroom, my name wasn’t on the list and I started to panic. I was told I was actually going to a “Welcome to Animal Sciences and Environment Class” instead! What? I’m an arts student, I’ve never owned a pet, what was I doing in this animal class?

When I got to my new classroom, I was the only pupil with two instructors! I was informed that I would be working at Animal Kingdom at Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail (formerly known as Pangani)! As excited as I was, I was extremely nervous. I didn’t know anything about gorillas and now my role was to teach guests about african animals and conservation?

After an extensive two week training period with my trainer, Carol, I was ready to hit the trails! There were over a dozen stations at the trail, including Hippos, Meerkats, Zebras, and the star of the show, the Gorillas! I was responsible for educating guests and my personal favourite, giving out Wilderness Explorer badges! Kids and adults alike were so much fun to work with when earning their badges. I also was able to pin trade in my role, which I didn’t do last year!

All in all, my 2016 International College Program was a dream come true. I made so many new friends from around the world. And more importantly, I learned so much about animals and conservation! I can’t wait to see what my Disney journey has in store for me in the future! The wilderness must be explored!


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