Applying for the Disney Parks Moms Panel when you’re not a mom!

Hello, humans! For the first time, I have just finished my application for the Disney Parks Moms Panel in the Walt Disney World category! There was no Run Disney option this year, so it’s a good thing I’ve never run a marathon in my life.

For those who haven’t heard of it, the Disney Parks Moms Panel is a group of Disney-loving individuals from across the world who offer their advice, share past experience, and spread the pixie dust to those looking for help for planning their next Disney vacation. There are a couple dozen who are picked each year, out of thousands of applicants! With a trip to Disney included, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime!

I was a little skeptical about applying for the Panel because, well, I’m not a mom, and I don’t plan on being one for a few years. It doesn’t say that you need to have a child to apply, but everyone on the last panel had kids, or grandkids, etc. There were even three Disney Dads on the panel (side note- I think my dad would do GREAT at this). Will they even consider me if I don’t have children of my own?

What I like about the Moms Panel is that they put “moms” in quotation marks right on the Meet the Panel tab. I know this refers to Dads, but it makes me feel better that “mom” is not a set-in-stone requirement.

When answering the questions in the application about family, I made sure to include all facets of what I consider my family. My loving parents, my Jedi boyfriend, and my group of girls that I consider best friends and family. I’ve been to Walt Disney World with children as well, but just not kids of my own. I checked, double checked, and TRIPLE CHECKED my spelling and grammar and hit submit, never looking back!

I hope Disney will be able to see that just because some people don’t have children, that they’re not a mom, per se, that they are able to give great advice to Disney vacation families of all kinds!

I’ll let everyone know how this application process goes! Fingers crossed for round two!

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